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Many Queens Tarot Deck
Many Queens Tarot Deck

Many Queens Tarot Deck

This tarot deck was created to help define a more inclusive definition of femininity, beauty, and body image.
"I made this tarot deck in the summer of 2018 on a blind wave of inspiration. I didn’t set out to find anything, and I wasn’t sure I would actually draw all 78 cards of the deck—but I just got excited and kept going. I was drawing so fast it took no time to realize that there were messages behind the images.
The characters in this deck blend the boundaries between gender, sex, family, friendship, shape and size. I love the beauty in our differences and I want people to use this deck to explore the love they can find in themselves.
I am so proud of this deck. I am proud of the way people have connected with it and the way it continues to serve folks." -Lettie Jane