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Large Dharma's Hand Necklace
Large Dharma's Hand Necklace

Large Dharma's Hand Necklace

This hand represents a path of non-violence towards all living beings, belonging to the Sramana tradition, one of the oldest Indian religions. Add a little sparkle and spiritual power to your stack with this beauty.
14K Solid Yellow Gold
Diamonds - 0.07 CTW
Pendant is approx. 2.7cm long
Chain measures 20" long

14KT chain and gemstones require no cleaning, care or maintenance. Keep out of heavily chlorinated pools as much as possible. Chlorine can deteriorate the structure of the gold. If you’d like to learn more about how to keep your jewelry sparkly and bright for years to come check out our How To!

Passionate since her childhood by fine gemstones and their energetic powers Celine, a trained goldsmith, has never ceased to develop her vision of jewellery. Carrying stories and universal symbols, the jewels approach the sacred evoking an almost totemic soul.

Through marrying her love of stones and spirituality, Celine naturally settles her baggage in Jaipur – a city with unique vibrations which has touched her profoundly. It is in this city of a thousand colours that she was able to let her imagination run wild and free and founded her brand.